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Spring Roll Promotion



Art Direction
Sales Consultant


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Vietnamese Spring Rolls are, no contest, my favorite dish. The first day I arrived on the Seattle Central campus and saw they were serving them in our very own cafeteria, I was ecstatic. But the two small-ish Spring Rolls were priced at $6. I knew that a couple miles away I could buy the same thing for $2.25. No one else seemed to be buying them either. Something wasn’t right.


By lowering the price of Spring Rolls and leveraging design, the Chair of Dining Services at Seattle Central College successfully increased Spring Roll revenue by 20%. It was a win-win for the cafeteria and students.





One day I introduced myself to Denise, the Chair of Dining Services. I mentioned that although they are my favorite thing ever, the cafeteria's Spring Rolls were more than double the price of Spring Rolls sold nearby.


Denise was sympathetic but said the general lack of revenue in the cafeteria mandated the higher price. I offered that if the price of Spring Rolls was brought down a bit, I would buy them all the time. Others might as well and make up the lowered price in volume of sales.


She considered a trial run of half price Spring Rolls on Mondays, when business was slowest. Citing my design school credentials, I offered to make the posters for the promotion. She agreed to try it out.


Finding Constraints

After roughing an illustrative style, I realized some elements were essential to a successful Spring Roll promotional poster at SCCC. As a relatively uncommon dish in Seattle, the Spring Roll poster should avoid abstraction. It should instead prioritize:

  • Clarity
  • Freshness
  • Uniqueness


Taking inspiration from east-asian pattern design and early modernism, I aimed to broadly indicate the flavors of the dish with fresh, unexpected visuals. After my first two itertions, I noticed that most posters on the walls of SCCC were centrally aligned. Therefore, I aimed to stand out with an off-kilter numbers-as-texture pattern design. 


Increased Sales, Increased Revenue

After the posters were up and the sale began, long lines formed on Mondays for the Spring Roll deal. Denise said that for the first few weeks, she repeatedly ran out of supplies for the dish. After the initial craze died down, there were still significantly higher profits. Denise says she increased her revenue from Spring Rolls more than 20% for the 2019 academic year. 

A Spring Roll Promotion Poster in the Seattle Central Cafeteria.

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